Wagz Grooming Policies

Prices shown as a guide, all prices are subject to change at groomer’s discretion, this may be due to matting, the condition of the coat, temperament/behaviour and breed type.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a 50% fee which will need to be paid before you can re-book. 

All dogs need to be collected within 30 minutes of finished groom time, a Late pick up fee will incur a cost of $10 every 20 minutes.

The groomer must be notified on the day of any known health conditions, allergies, skin tags, moles or behavioural problems.

We maintain the right to refuse to complete a groom due to aggression or any reason that we feel puts our staff or the dog at risk or injury.

If your dog is highly stressed, some procedures may not be done to reduce the risk of future grooms being an issue.

Matted coats that take extra time will incur a “matting fee” of $15 for every 15 minutes over time.

Matted dogs may not get desired length as the matts will need to be taken short and an additional charge added.  Matted dogs are at risk of razor burn due to blades heating up faster and being so close to the skin.

Compacted double coated dogs will incur and additional fee of $15 for every 20 minutes over time.

Temperament/Behaviour issues will incur a fee of $20 for every 20 minutes over time of groom.

Depending on dog behaviour and coat condition, the groom may require a second session to complete.

Double coated dogs will not be clipped without medical reason.
Some nails cannot be cut short without vet treatment due to their quick’s over growing.

Tools may be used during grooming, this includes muzzles and restraints, (only if required).

Puppy grooms – puppies may not get fully blow dried or have a very neat cut depending on their stress levels, this is to avoid giving the dog a bad experience and creating problems for future grooms.

If the dog has fleas, it must have a salon flea treatment immediately at an additional charge to you of $20.

If an accident occurs and veterinary assistance is required, dogs will be taken to the nearest vet unless otherwise specified and practical.

In the event that your dog needs medical attention during or after the groom, all expense related to the medical treatment will be paid in full by the owner/ guardian of the dog.